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Disamping memiliki pesona Lembang yang indah, nyaman dan bersih. Hotel Narima Indah juga memiliki fasilitas yang dapat menunjang berbagai aktifitas alami Anda, mulai dari kegiatan gathering, karaoke, dan catering yang khusus disediakan oleh Ibu Soendari sendiri. Untuk daya tarik alami Lembang, tamu-tamu kami paling menyukai kegiatan hiking, memetik strawberry, dan juga melihat peternakan buaya.


Lembang is a cool mountainous town North of Bandung. It is popular with local tourists for its refreshing climate and the proximity to the Tangkuban Prahu volcano, Bandung 's main tourist attraction. Even though Lembang in itself is doesn't have that much to offer, it is worth a daytrip to savor some local specialties and gawk at the beautiful panoramas on the way.

There are four roads that lead to Lembang from Bandung . A steep and meandering road departs from Dago Bengkok (after the angkot terminal take the left fork), there's a new road that is even steeper that is on the left side just after the terminal, but make sure your vehicle can cope with the climbs. Jalan Ciumbuleuit also connects to Lembang but the fastest way is through the road that goes to Sethiabudi, this road has more traffic but is more easily accessible than the others. Angkots (minivans) saying Lembang will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to get there, but to really enjoy the views it is suggested to go either with private car or with motorcycle.

Lembang itself is a scruffy, busy place with a lot of traffic, street vendors and markets. Because the volcanic soil that makes up the rolling hills around this area is extremely fertile, horticultural and agricultural products are abundant. Corn, rambutan (hairy fruits), strawberries, orchids and bonsai trees can be found everywhere. On Sundays Lembang is usually packed with families conducting Indonesia 's single most favourite weekend activities: tasting snacks and local specialties.

Other favourites include sate kelinci (rabbit satay) and susu murni (fresh cowmilk). Furry rabbits can be found at street stalls everywhere, soon to be put on a stick and barbequed for your pleasure. Cow milk is sold at various places, the biggest being Kencana Lembang, where you can drink milk or yoghurt in old converted cow stables and also see the process of milking the cows.

If you have green hands Lembang is the place to be, plants and flowers are considered to be among the best and relatively cheap. Several botanical gardens sell plants ranging from tiny bonsai trees to 2 meter high palm trees.

Near Lembang there are some forests and waterfalls that can be visited. The hot springs of Maribaya resort have been tapped into a public pool and form an ultimate relaxing pastime, although it can be quite crowded on weekends.

Staying over in Lembang is apparently quite popular and the town is sprawling with hotels of every category. Among the most well known are Hotel Narima Indah. There is enough to see and do in the surroundings, but unfortunately Lembang itself is far from charming. It makes for a nice daytrip though, and if you enjoy snacking and stunning views it's a place most conveniently located.

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